Baby, baby, I'm taken with the notion…

(OK, I promise I will never again quote Amy Grant lyrics in public. But you’ve got to let me, just this once.)

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. Isn’t she cuuuute?

Ahem. Anyway, she grew up. Still cute, though.

Then, when she got a bit older, she went from cute to seriously, seriously gorgeous. The observant amongst you might notice that she likes cats. The more observant amongst you might also notice that she’s in a wedding dress.

This is part two of our story.

In which she met someone who, at one time, was a seriously scruffy teenager.

After he was a scruffy teenager, he spent some time as a surly teenager, just for balance.

He must have cleaned his act up at some point, because the stunning beauty in part one went and married him. And they had two kids, and all the fun and games that go with that.

Until this morning. Then, suddenly, this happened:

Alex, Di and Bub #3
Yup, we finally went and had our third baby.

The day started, as it always seems to when Di’s pregnant, with her waking me up between the hours of 3am and 4am — she did exactly the same thing with Zoe and James, although in James’ case it was a midwife calling me, as Di had been in hospital for a week by then. Anyway, at 3:45am, she woke me up because her waters had broken. Thankfully, she’d had something of a feeling that something was up, so she’d called her mum to come and spend the night “just in case“. Wise woman, my wife (and her mother, too).

Di at 4am
This is what Di looks like at 4am, in case you were wondering.

So it was off to hospital and off to the delivery room. They check, and yes, the waters have broken, but we’re not very dilated, and the contractions are coming and going. Sigh — we’ve been here before, about a dozen times this pregnancy. After an a hour or so of waiting for things to kick off, they transferred us to a ward room to wait for a consulting doctor, who eventually saw us at 9am. Not much is happening contraction-wise, and as such, we can either stay or go home. Walking or other light physical activity may help to bring on contractions, and given Di’s past history, we decide to stay and do some laps around the maternity ward after Di has breakfast. We do one set at 10am, and not much happens. So far, it looks like we might be in for the very long haul, and it’s not as though this pregnancy hasn’t had its share of long haul stress as it was!

The 11am lap of the ward, however, brings about some small contractions… and then some big contractions, at around 11:30am. The powers that be decide to transfer Di back to the delivery suite, “just in case“. It’s a pretty good job they did, as exactly 34 minutes later, after a brief struggle with a stuck arm and an extremely long placental cord that was twice-wrapped around his neck, our third child was born.

Hello World!
Hello world. Baby’s first minutes. I have earlier photos, but they’re a touch on the blood-soaked side.

For those interested in vital statistics, it’s a male child, weighing in at 3.39kg and measuring 51cm from top to toe. That’s almost exactly 1kg heavier than either of his siblings were at birth.

Cold Out Here
It’s cold out here — can I go back in?

Feed Me
Feed me!

Obsessive Dad
I’d like to deny I’m a touch obsessed. But then there aren’t any photos from today where I’m not looking straight down at bub, so it’s a bit of a tough case…

Happy Mum
Mum is doing quite well, and is amazed at this concept of a baby she gets to hold for hours and hours after it’s born.

Where did my clothes go?
I don’t like being weighed! Mainly the cold, nakedy bit, but also the indignity of it all.

I need a nap. It’s been a tough day.

Family Photo Time
Baby meets its older siblings. Zoe in particular is smitten.

Zoe Happy
See, I said she was smitten.

James Confused
James, on the other hand, is a touch on the confused side. But Zoe got a cuddle, so he wanted one too.

Beaming Pam
Grandma Pam gets her first cuddle. Better get the crowbar ready to get our baby back.

Doting Brian
Somehow, Grandpa Brian manages to sneak in a cuddle when Pam’s not looking.

One more hug
Speaking of one more hug…

So what next?
Phew. That was a big day. So what’s next?

There is, of course, one more important detail — new baby’s name. Well, some things are worth waiting for, so you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer — we haven’t decided yet.

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