Why do people talk at the cinema?

Warning: Possible old man rant ahead.

So this post is inspired by something that happened to me yesterday at the cinema. I’ve already mentioned it via Facebook, so I’m going to plagiarise myself a little here by quoting, well, me. I figure I’m unlikely to chase myself up for damages.

“We’re in Liverpool right now, and I may have had the most Liverpool moment possible.

Took the kids to the cinema yesterday (to see Spiderverse, sublime flick), and behind me to the left were a group of teens who did not shut up for a micro-second during ads, trailers, etc.

OK, they’re not vital, I thought.

Stay calm.

I do utterly hate it when people talk during movies, though, so I was readying my “adult” voice to tell them to shut up, and wondering how they’d take an Australian accent, as the opening credits roll.

Predictably, they’re still talking. And just as I’m about to tell the teens to my left to shut up, from the right comes the deepest, thickest Scouse accent possible:


A great moment, but sadly it didn’t last, and within about 10-15 minutes, they were back to chatting. Teenagers are like that somewhat, and I’d be lying if I pretended I wasn’t that self absorbed when I was a teenager.

Still, it bugs me. By all means, chat along or snark along or sing along or do whatever it is that floats your boat when you’re watching at home. Your friends or family can ask you to stop, or muffle your screams with a pillow* or whatever.

But in public, when everyone is dropping serious money for the full cinema experience? Shut your gob, sit back and enjoy the experience. Or walk out if it’s terrible in your estimation, but don’t ruin it for others.

Or am I just becoming a cranky old man here? Should I just accept that public spaces are public spaces, and put up with it?

*Probably don’t do this. It may count as murder.

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