Can we trust the COVIDSafe app? Will Aussies hang up on Zoom? Vertical Hold ep 276

The CovidSafe app launched this week, but lots of folk don’t trust it — is that wise or foolish? And can Google and Facebook claw streaming market share away from Zoom? All this and more in the latest episode of Vertical Hold!

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We’re joined this week by Mark Pesce, Futurist, writer for The Register and host of The Next Billion Seconds podcast to dive as deep as we can into the code underlying the CovidSafe app, as well as examining the bigger picture around public health applications and the difference between trusting the Government and big business.

We also chat to Tim Biggs from The SMH/Age about Google and Facebook’s steps to take as much of the video conferencing market as they can from Zoom.

Also for reasons I’m still trying to work out, I talk about punching myself in the face.

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