Best Gaming Options From Home, Streaming Services Dial Down The Quality : Vertical Hold ep 271

As COVID-19 keeps us indoors, we all need some distractions — but which games should you be playing? We’ve got recommendations on what to play, how to set it up and practical tips on what to do if it’s not working in the latest episode of Vertical Hold!

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We’re joined this week by Seamus Byrne from Byteside to talk through your gaming options, whether you’re a hardcore modern gamer, retro fanatic or your idea of a nice game involves UNO cards and a nice cup of tea. We’re also looking into why streaming services are cutting bitrates to keep the shows you love actually streaming, and how eSports might take over from traditional sports.

Also, I talk about professional wrestling, because I’m me.

Let me know your thoughts below. Are you playing more games — digital or board — with your family in this difficult time?

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