Why would you want to collect your online groceries from an airport?

Melbourne Airport now has a Woolies store. But not any Woolies store. No, this is a Woolies store where you can pick up your groceries post-flight after ordering them online, and then lug them all the way home. Why?
Ausbt reports on the store, which will according to a statement attributed in Woolies’ press release on the matter to Kate Langford, head of online business development for Woolworths supermarkets allow customers to

simply order their groceries online or via the Woolworths app and choose to collect them at Melbourne Airport with the peace of mind that they never need to come home to an empty pantry or fridge”

I get that Melbourne Airport is a busy place, and people are busy. I even get that some people absolutely adore online grocery shopping, although I’m not a fan — I’m even quoted in a piece by the ABC’s Nick Ross on that this week. I’ve always found the higher prices over and above the delivery charge an issue from a home delivery perspective, and know more than a few folk who have had quality and non-delivery complaints.
The concept of lugging my luggage and few flimsy plastic shopping bags full of fruit that I haven’t even been able to select myself from an airport that’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere (sorry Melbourne, but it’s true!) has little appeal. I don’t even want to sit on public transport next to somebody who’s done the same thing!
Am I radically off-base on this? Is this a great idea in the making, and will I be using it extensively in the next twelve months? Let me know what you think below!
Sources: AusBT, Woolworths

2 thoughts on “Why would you want to collect your online groceries from an airport?”

  1. This sounds like a great idea. I used to do a regular commute between Sydney and Melbourne, and regularly came back to find the cupboards fairly bare. It’s not fun, after a long flight, to have to head out to find a supermarket that’s still open to stock up on some staples. The ability to pick up some bread and milk or breakfast cereal at the airport would have been a boon to me, and I’m sure for many others.

  2. You know what makes lugging your plethora of suitcases around the airport (and usually in my case the train system) would be getting some bacon and eggs to lug around and not smash into tiny bits…
    wait a minute; that sounds awesome! Airport bacon probably tastes really exotic!

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