Kogan's latest TV comes with Jelly Bean

Not as in a tub of sugary goodness, but as in inbuilt Android 4.2 Jelly bean on a 42″ 3D capable television set.
Kogan’s claiming that it’s the “world’s first” Android 4.2 Smart TV, and it may well be right in that, although the combination of Android and TV isn’t a new development in any case.
From my own testing with, for example, Sony’s Google TV streaming box, and indeed, the testing of other Aussie tech journalists, the experience isn’t that stellar, simply because Android’s large screen interface still needs work for a lot of apps.
In typical Kogan fashion, this is very much a kitchen sink kind of product, in that you get a little bit of everything, from Smart TV to 3D TV, which, once upon a time, Kogan founder Ruslan Kogan wasn’t that fond of — he once commented to me (and other journalists) that you wouldn’t want to curl up on the sofa with your girlfriend with 3D glasses on — in a 42″ panel for $449, although they won’t actually ship until late July. I guess something’s got to pay for Ruslan’s speeding fines.
Over the years, I’ve tested a fair few Kogan TVs. Some have been excellent value, while rarely genuinely cutting edge. Some have been utter stinkers. You never quite know what you’re going to get, but I’ve chased up Kogan’s PR to see if it’s feasible to run this particular model through its paces before it ships out to consumers. Watch this space.
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  1. Yup, they really need to have a showroom in each of the major cities. Some way of seeing the actual products he is selling.. that would be a great thing for all major online retailers. With Appliances Online, a great online store, they sell actual brand name products that you can see in stores all over the country. Once you find the model you like, then you go to AO and buy it from them instead.. With Kogan, you can’t do that for 90% of their products.
    I’ve almost bought a few things from them.. but always back out in the end because I can’t see and touch and test it out. I did buy an iPad from them at one point but, again, that’s something that exists in the wild that you can hold and play with and then go back to the online store and buy.

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