When Oculus Rift Meets The Scottish

The promise of virtual reality headsets has been around for ages, but the reality has been… disappointing. How well does it the latest pretender to the VR crown, the Oculus Rift stack up?
Over at Kotaku (obvious disclaimer: I’ve worked for Kotaku publisher Allure in the past, and indeed have done fill-in work as a guest editor at Kotaku itself), Mark Serrels has run through a hands-on with a developer’s kit of the Oculus Rift. Once again, it’s well worth reading his words (he’s a great writer) as well as watching his hands-on impressions. I’ll just leave this link here, as well as noting that there’s somebody in that video that can do a dead-on impression of the way I laugh — but it’s not me!
Source: Kotaku

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