QBD joins the Aussie eBook pack

Another day, another Australian eBook store — of a sort. eBooks have been taken up at a great rate — which at least is good for literacy, even though there’s nothing to replace the feel of a real book — and Australian discount book seller QBD has just launched its own eBook store.
QBD’s eReader is available for iOS, Android or Windows/Mac. QBD’s service is provided by Copia, which would suggest it’s in eBook format, but QBD’s FAQ for the service suggests that it’ll DRM-limit the books to only QBD’s app — there’s a note that they’re definitely not Kindle compatible, although that’s hardly surprising.
On the pricing front, QBD doesn’t seem to carry quite the same budget sensibility as its namesake stores; as an example, it charges $11.99 for Arthur C Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. JB Hi-Fi’s recently launched Books Now charges exactly the same, as does Apple’s iBooks. But look for that tome on Amazon for Kindle, and it’s a much cheaper $6.74.
Source: QBD

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