What's the real impact of the NBN?

It’s the technology hot potato political issue of the day, but what’s it actually like living with an NBN connection for a lengthy period of time?
I wish I could answer that. I really, truly do, because then it’d mean I’d been living with something better than my sub-standard ADSL connection for some time. I don’t have to, though, because writer Marcus Westbury has done an excellent job of writing up his NBN experiences — and how they’ve gone beyond the usual “it’s just download” mantra that pervades so much of the thinking in this area.
A fast internet connection enables Marcus to actually work from home, transforming it into an actual working office. It’s one of the factors that bothers me about the Coalition approach; Malcolm Turnbull has repeatedly said that they’ll put FTTP into “business parks”, but that essentially means he’s playing a huge game of Sim City, putting in only commercial zones of access. Make it ubiquitous (or as near as is feasible), and anywhere can be an office. Like, say, the desk I’m sitting at right now.
In any case, Marcus’ writeup is well worth reading — go there now!

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