Bon Jovi Tour server isn't keeping the faith

The realities of servers being overloaded continue to befuddle Australian online merchants. Today’s victim of too many users, not enough capacity? Telstra’s widely publicised “pre-sale” of Bon Jovi tour tickets. The server, it seems, won’t be there for you, and isn’t even living on a prayer. Effectively, it’s sleeping… when it’s dead.
I covered the announcement of the Bon Jovi “Thanks” sale here at Fat Duck Tech (and it’s done curiously good Google traffic, for whatever that’s worth), but it appears that Telstra partner Bang Tango’s been thoroughly overwhelmed by manic Bon Jovi fans… or maybe Kid Rock fans. Are there still Kid Rock fans? I guess there must be.
Right now, trying to head to the site scores you this…
Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 12.05.10 PM
which is amusing, but no doubt frustrating for Bon Jovi fans wanting to score tickets. Equally frustrating, I’d imagine, is that even the official Twitter account for BangTango isn’t admitting there’s any kind of issue — in fact, the last tweet from the official account was more than three days ago. Perhaps they can’t get a tweet out over the noisy server traffic?
Although I do feel sorry for the owner of the (nothing to do with it) @BangTango alias, who appears to be suffering a lot of grief.
For what it’s worth, the ABC’s Checkout did an excellent bit on ticket purchasing, which I’d embed here, but unusually for an ABC show, there’s no embedding code available. Head over to the Checkout and watch the clip entitled simply “Tickets” while you’re waiting to score tickets — and good luck!

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