Toshiba pulls out of consumer PCs… but not in Australia


Toshiba announced late last week that it was refocusing on the business market and scaling down its consumer business, but in Australia, at least for now, it’s business as usual…. erm… consumer business as usual, that is.
When the news broke, I enquired with Toshiba’s local office to see what would happen to its consumer business in Australia, because details were a little on the vague side, with a promise that it would remain “in developed countries”, but not a list of what those countries were.
Toshiba’s just sent me a statement to clarify, attributed to local MD Mark Whittard.

“Locally, this announcement does not affect Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd, hence our Australian and New Zealand PC operation continues with business as usual. In ANZ both the consumer and business markets remain a focus for Toshiba and the B2B PC market has always been a strong growth area and business focus for us. We are excited to continue to offer great consumer and business devices while cultivating new customers and businesses opportunities.”

Which means that they’re here for now, I guess.

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