Elite for free? I'll take three!


Elite is one of the all-time classic games… and right now you can legally own a copy for the grand old price of nothing.
Elite originally appeared on the BBC Micro, which never had great uptake in Australia, but that’s the version that’s being offered for free to promote Elite: Dangerous, the 21st Century update. It comes with a BBC Micro emulator, and requires Windows XP or better in order to run.
Just don’t look at the date that the original Elite came out. Trust me on this. You don’t want to feel quite that old.
Update: Or if you just want Elite itself without the registration requirement, you can also grab it from Ian Bell’s site here.
(Thanks to Jeff for that tip, too!)
Source: Elite Dangerous
Thanks to Rob for the tip!
I’ll take three highlights products that are not only discounted, but which I reckon are good value as well. Cheap isn’t always the same thing as great.

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