Thursdayitis: New Mutants, Dazzler and Lila Cheney Meet 80s Pop

If you’re an old school X-Men comics fan, this video was made for you, with cameos galore. Can you spot them all?
It’s been a while since I’ve done a Thursdayitis post, but I could use some cheering up.
This video seriously, seriously does this, with a truly glorious mix of the right 80s vibe crossed with Marvel’s New Mutants and Dazzler. If you’re scratching your head going “who?” right now, you should stop that (it’s not good for your head) and this probably won’t mean much to you.
If on the other hand that made sense, you’re going to enjoy this quite a lot.

Thursdayitis features aren’t particularly serious. Did that really need explaining?

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