Retro Gaming: Anyone fancy some very BASIC programming?

If you’re old enough to remember and enjoy them, Usborne’s giving away most of its of 80s-era programming books. If you’re not old enough, grab them anyway.
In 2016, you can learn programming in any number of visual environments that gently step you through simple concepts one at a time, but it wasn’t always like that.
When I was a lad it were all fields as far as the eye could see you learned programming from a book. Several books, actually, with titles like “Weird Computer Games”, “Computer Fun” or “Machine Code For Beginners”.
No, really, that was a book in the 80s. For kids.
And now they can be for everyone. Original publishers Usborne still make introductory computing books, but they’ve also decided to make their classic library of titles available as PDFs.
Update: Well, most of them. It’s still a pretty good deal.
How much would you pay, I hear you ask?
Not much?
Fair enough — and apparently Usborne thinks that way too, as they’re available for personal use and download without so much as revealing your email address. Free, in other words. Free!
Just head over to Usborne’s site, click on a title that you either remember fondly (it probably hasn’t aged well, just like most of us) or want to discover anew.
Source: Usborne via The Register

4 thoughts on “Retro Gaming: Anyone fancy some very BASIC programming?”

  1. Scott McLauchlan

    Not their entire library, unfortunately. My favourite book, “How to Make Computer-Controlled Robots” isn’t there. It contained full plans to build a mobile robot with a gripper arm, controlled by your Commodore 64, VIC 20, Sinclair Spectrum or BBC Micro. It would still be fun to build today, and could be easily controlled with an Raspberry Pi, or even an Arduino.

    1. Fair point — it was a while ago so I think I can be forgiven for missing a title or two? Have updated to point out that it’s not quite everything.

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