Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic hits iOS

The classic RPG, set in that galaxy far, far away can now be played on iPad — for a price.
There’s part of my brain that gets all fuzzy when I read comments like “retro classic Knights Of The Old Republic”, but then I remember that Bioware’s RPG came out a decade ago. Yeesh. I’m getting old. In any case, overnight it’s been released for iPad, which means (predictably) that I’ve just picked it up for what must be the third or fourth time. Mind you, at $10.49, it’s not exactly cheap.

The Xbox/PC version trailer. Remember when LucasArts was a thing?

Don’t get me wrong — Knights Of The Old Republic is an absolute out-and-out classic, and if you’ve never played it before you really, really should pick it up. As long as they haven’t totally stuffed the control scheme up, you’ll easily get $10.49 worth of play out of it. Equally, I’m aware that developers like to eat from time to time, and that stuff costs money.
My only concern there is that the PC/Mac versions of Knights Of The Old Republic is a title that’s pretty regularly discounted on services such as Steam; in fact right now it’s not on a specific special and can be had for $9.99. Comparatively, that makes the iPad version a little pricey.

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