Apple sneaks out a budget iPod Touch

Apple — you remember Apple right? Loves a bit of hype, loves a noisy store opening and so on? Well, the company’s latest product, a slightly-cheaper iPod Touch has been released with absolutely no fanfare whatsoever.
The $249 16GB iPod Touch has been brought into the fifth generation of iPod Touch models — which is to say that it has a Retina screen and replaces the 16GB fourth generation model that was available up until today — but unlike its 32 or 64GB variants, it lacks a rear 5MP camera.
As a basic budget way to get iOS apps up and running, that’s reasonable, although whether there’s still a strong market for devices which are “just” iPods is perhaps debatable. Then again, I had to (once again) check that the iPod Classic — that’s the 160GB, $279 model that doesn’t come anywhere near an App without screaming for its mother — was still on sale. It is, which presumably means somebody’s buying them.
Source: Apple

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