Skype hits browsers via Outlook

Is there a tech device you can’t run Skype from? On second thoughts, don’t answer that — I don’t want anybody trying to contact me via Etch-A-Sketch. That’s still some way off, but right now it’s possible to run Skype via browser.
The Skype Blog notes that it’s adding the functionality to accounts, but there are a few hitches. For a start, the rollout is currently UK-only, with Australia set to get the facility sometime between September and November this year. Presumably that’s to iron out any kinks in the service, although you’d think if there was any company that understood video calling, it would be Skype.

The process involves linking your Skype account with an account. Apparently you’ll get an invite when it’s launched locally, at which point it’ll be possible to Skype directly from a browser. One nice touch here is that despite Skype and both being Microsoft properties, this isn’t an Internet Explorer only option, apparently, as it’ll support IE, Chrome and Firefox. No love lost for Safari, then?
Source: Skype Blog, Gizmodo

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