Sharksplosion half-price July sale!

What’s better than a novel about exploding sharks? Not much, but a novel about exploding sharks at half price for the whole month of July? Now that’s worth getting excited about!
Smashwords is running a promotional deal on its catalog of books for the entire month of July, and Sharksplosion, my somewhat-non-serious spy-thriller-exploding-sharkfest (I’m sure this is a genre, right?) is part of that sale.
What does this mean? It means instead of paying $US2.99 for a copy, if you buy a copy during the month of July through Smashwords, you’ll pay only $US1.50 instead! BARGAINALICOUS!

How do I get my discount?

The discount relies on a coupon code at checkout, which you’ll need to apply.
To find Sharksplosion on Smashwords, follow this link.
Copies you buy via Smashwords can be read on mobile devices, as well as Amazon’s Kindle or in just about any other format you’d care to name.
Select the book to buy, and at checkout, use the code SSW50 to get half price Sharksplosion action.
Well, what are you waiting for? Those sharks aren’t going to explode on their own. Actually, they might, but still, BUY NOW!

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