Moshcam comes to Android, sets content free

Moshcam has launched an Android app while also partnering with YouTube for all its excellent concert footage. The practical upshot? All of Moshcam, wherever you are for free.
I reviewed the original iOS Moshcam app for Gizmodo a little over a year ago when it first launched, and at that time Moshcam representatives told me they were working on bringing it to Android. That wait ends today, with the Moshcam app now available as a free download for Android devices from Google Play.

What has changed since the original iOS app is that Moshcam’s now partnered up with YouTube, and in doing so, has made all its concert footage available for free. That was always the case with the web client, but on the mobile side you got five “free” concerts and then paid a small sum to unlock any others. Instead, they’ll now be ad-supported via YouTube instead.

Sources: YouTube, Moshcam

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