Yahoo! revamps Flickr, adds 1TB of storage

Flickr hasn’t had an interface update in… ages. That changed this morning with visually arresting photo-centric UI, along with the promise of quite a bit of storage space.
The new UI is a decent way to show off photos, although there’s part of my brain that reckons it’ll be murder over a slower internet connection. It’s also an interface used far more for browsing than searching, given the default view shows a lot fewer photos than was previously the case.

I used to be able to see more ducks. I miss the ducks.
I used to be able to see more ducks. I miss the ducks.

1TB of storage is a very nice enticement to use the service, although I’m no fan of dropping vowels just for the sake of it, with things apparently now ‘biggr’ and ‘spectaculr’. You’ve got a terabyte — does it really use that much more data for a simple ‘e’?
Source: Flickr

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