May The Fourth be with you (tomorrow). Beat things up as Lego Yoda for free, you will be able to.

I’m a sucker for the LEGO based games, partly because they’re quite family friendly, and also because of the balance between the humour and gameplay. So a free LEGO game based on lovable green (not furry) Yoda? Yes please!
GameInformer reports that tomorrow — which happens to be May the fourth, for all those who love bad Star Wars puns* — will see the release of a free browser-based and iOS Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles game that pits you either as the grammatically-challenged ancient Jedi or evil Count Dooku.

The Android version is due “later this summer” (so winter for us antipodean types), and international datelines being what they are, it seems likely we won’t actually see it until May the 5th here. Which totally spoils the joke. No sense of humour, these games releasing companies have.
So wait, we will have to. Need something to sing along with in order to pass the time, we will need. Ah, yes…

Source: GameInformer
*So that would include me, obviously.

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