Lunchtime Reading: Netflix Down Under, Apple Watch resolutions, FF7 remakes and Flying Dogs.

Stories abound on the Internet. Here’s some thought pieces to tide over your Wednesday lunchtime, covering everything from impressive hacks/remakes to the imagination of Charles M Schultz.
Image: Jeremy Keith

  • Big news of the day locally is the announcement from Netflix that they are indeed launching down under, with service to commence in March. You can read all about that here.
  • Somebody’s remade Final Fantasy VII… in the LittleBigPlanet engine. That’s an insane quantity of dedication and/or a sign that you’ve perhaps got too much time on your hands. Impressive either way.
  • While on the subject of remakes, how about a new Super Smash Bros game… on a graphing calculator? No, really…
  • Like Emoji? Loathe Emoji? Either way, this NYMag piece on the insanely rapid growth of Emoji is a captivating read.
  • With Apple releasing the SDK for WatchKit, its Apple Watch programming software, it’s also had to make clear a few more specifications for the system, including the resolutions of both sizes of watch, as MacRumors notes.
  • Finally, if you’re in the mood for a trailer to while away your lunch hour, there’s a Peanuts movie coming out for Christmas 2015. It’s in 3D, because that’s the style of the time, but this actually doesn’t look that bad… so far.

Lunchtime reading is just that; stories I’ve hit during the day that have stuck with me for any of a number of reasons. Read them, and learn things — that’s how the Internet works, folks.

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