Kogan commits to pro-rata refunds for Kogan Mobile customers

Kogan Mobile will pretty soon be no more, but what does that mean for existing customers with credit due to them? Pro-rata refunds of unused credit, according to an email sent out to Kogan Mobile customers.
I had a Kogan Mobile SIM for testing purposes some months back, and it’s just wound my way into in my inbox; it links through to a web page which states

There are forces at play in the Australian telecommunications market that are beyond our control, very powerful, and impossible to ignore. When over 100,000 people took their services to Kogan Mobile, in such a short space of time, it attracted a lot of attention. Unfortunately and frustratingly, it appears like the telco heavyweights may be determined to take their former customers back and they may be prepared to do so by force.

I’m not 100 per cent convinced that’s exactly the case; ispONE appears to have gone bust. But that’s a matter for the administrator now anyway.

Kogan Mobile has tried to do everything it can to protect its customers. However, contrary to our numerous and concerted efforts to persuade Telstra to maintain and support Kogan Mobile’s arrangements with Telstra’s sole distributor, ispONE, Telstra has advised that it will terminate the 3G Prepaid Mobile services to Kogan Mobile. This will impact the continuity of your service, and those of other Kogan Mobile customers. While the timing and nature of the transition arrangements are dictated by Telstra, Kogan Mobile has negotiated the optimal arrangements that Telstra would allow.
While this matter is entirely out of the control of Kogan Mobile, we nevertheless sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that these transition arrangements may cause to you. Importantly, Kogan Mobile customers who have remaining credit at the time their services are terminated by Telstra will have their entire remaining balance refunded to them by Kogan Mobile. The refund amount shall be calculated as the pro-rata amount remaining on the date of deactivation of service.

It also appears that Kogan’s not quite out of the mobile game yet:

On behalf of our customers, we are currently seeking to negotiate some deals with several leading mobile phone providers. We will keep you informed about any special offers we manage to negotiate on your behalf and which you may wish to take up.

Source: Kogan Mobile

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