Kobo Mini for $49 also at Officeworks and Big W

The Kobo Mini that JB Hi-Fi’s selling off for $49 is a pretty sweet device, but what if you don’t have a JB Hi-FI nearby, or they’re out of stock? It turns out that they’re not the only vendor shifting that particular unit cheap.
Officeworks and Big W are also selling off the Kobo Mini for the exact same price, although you may have to factor in delivery costs, as (at the time of writing) it appears both are only offering them for sale online. Checking Officeworks for Sydney availability, for example, revealed this helpful message:

“A search for this item at stores near ‘Sydney NSW 2077, Australia’ shows that this item is not in stock at any store within 500 kilometres. This item is available for order online and can be delivered to your nearest store or delivery address.”

Ouch. Maybe other states have all the stock?

In any case, if you’re still keen, it’s a heck of a deal.
Thanks to Steve L for the tip!
Sources: Big W, Officeworks

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