Fridayitis: Vale Rik Mayall

Legendary comedian and actor Rik Mayall passed away this week. I’ve been thinking all week about my own personal tribute to him.
I wrote — with a great deal of difficulty — a short piece for Lifehacker on Tuesday when the news broke with just a few carefully chosen quotes.
That doesn’t feel like quite enough to me. Then again, I was also struck with how heavily the media — and especially the Australian media — went in with the “Young Ones Star Dies” angle.
Rik Mayall did a lot more than just his role as Rick the People’s Poet, fine as that was.
I think that’s what his impact on me was; I followed his career through highs and lows; he was rarely a low even in material that wasn’t the best possible. So that’s what I think I’d like to do — celebrate Rik Mayall with a selection of my favourite material with him in it — and a few other oddities along the way. Note: Some strong language resides within.

Yeah, OK, he was also in The Young Ones… but I think you get the idea.

This was, oddly but somehow appropriately being reported as one of his last bits of work.

Bye Rik.
Fridayitis features usually aren’t particularly serious. Except for this one, which sort of is.

1 thought on “Fridayitis: Vale Rik Mayall”

  1. Always sad that we never got his Peeves in Harry Potter – pretty sure it would have rocked. Also, I feel his work in Drop Dead Fred introduced him to a whole new audience, acting as a gateway to his great work in Bottom, Young Ones, Filthy Rich and Catflap etc.
    Well said. RIP Rik

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