Depression: Surviving one second at a time


I wasn’t actually going to write anything about the sad passing of Robin Williams this morning, because this is primarily a technology site. Then I hit a powerful piece that I think is worth sharing.
There have been countless words already penned, and some of them with the most tenuous links. Apart from maybe Bicentennial Man and his daughter’s name, I can’t think of too many other technology/gaming links to make it worthwhile.
Still, events like these do affect the psyche of many people.
Anna Spargo-Ryan’s piece, “When someone gets off the boat” — which I should warn, could contain triggers for those already depressed — covers beautifully why we so often feel despair at the passing of people we barely know.
It’s powerful, but not entirely comfortable reading.
If you’re feeling down, remember that Lifeline is there, either online or on 13 11 14.
Image: Andrea Esuli

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