Doctor Who: "Tiny. Listen. Beware"


When asked to sum up the upcoming series of Doctor Who at this morning’s press preview, that’s how Peter Capaldi defined the eighth season. You may now begin speculating.
The press preview (for which I’ve signed an NDA, so this will be a pure no-spoiler-zone, and frankly, I’d do that anyway) has just concluded.

"Have they stopped asking questions yet?" "No, not yet. You'd better get this thing working."
“Have they stopped asking questions yet?”
“No, not yet. You’d better get this thing working.”

I’ve got some note transcribing to do, in other words, but at the conclusion of the event, Q&A host Adam Spencer asked both Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman how they’d sum up the upcoming season in three words.
Technically, the Doctor hasn't been back here since "Enemy Of The World".
Technically, the Doctor hasn’t been back here since “Enemy Of The World”.

Jenna Coleman’s answers, by the way, were “Good versus Evil”, and she cracked up laughing at Capaldi’s “tiny”.
Jenna Coleman, seen here in her Tardis camouflage dress.
Jenna Coleman, seen here in her Tardis camouflage dress.

Author’s note: Not only am I keeping to the NDA, I’m also aware that a lot of material about the upcoming season has leaked out. I don’t care to know, and I’d rather keep things spoiler free. Got that? Good.

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