Android 4.3 hits the web… sort of

Ahead of next week’s Google I/O conference the next update to Android, Jelly Bean 4.3 appears to be in active testing, alongside Jelly Bean 5.3.8. What, what?
Slashgear noted the two iterations of Android popping up in their Google Analytics code earlier this week, leading to strong — I’d say reasonable — suspicion that one thing that Google will announce at I/O will be a point upgrade to Android.
Although probably not to the version 5.3.8 spotted in their logs, which appeared to come from, of all places, Iran. Call me skeptical if you must, but something tells me that Google doesn’t test its not-even-Alpha operating systems out of Iran.
I guess we’ll find out more next week, and then begin the long — and in some cases never — waiting process for 4.3 to appear on Australian phones.
Source: Slashgear
Image: Google

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