Marvel Unlimited comes to Android

Marvel’s comics subscription service has launched on Android smartphones and tablets. Somewhere (presuming he’s not currently dead/inactive/disassembled) I’m sure The Vision is smiling at that news.
I wrote an extensive review of Marvel Unlimited for Gizmodo Australia a few months back, and the same kinds of benefits — and limitations — exist for the Android app as well, so go read that if you’re curious about what Marvel Unlimited can offer. A quick dip into the Android version reveals that at least one thing hasn’t changed. It’s still not terribly stable. Trying to sign in to my account led to the app crashing on me the very first time I tried.
I wrote that initial Gizmodo review a while back, and I’ve used my subscription quite heavily over the last few months. Things have improved on the back issue front, with some weeks seeing literally hundreds of “new” issues made available, albeit typically for the main Marvel franchises rather than the more obscure titles. It’s rekindled my love affair with all things Superhero, while still reminding me why I stopped buying physical issues some time back. I slogged my way through all the issues of Civil War for example, and slog is the right word. Did anyone enjoy buying a staggering 101 issues in total?
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