Somebody take this dark cloud away…

My beloved daughter has just informed me that she keeps a Rhinoceros in the back yard. But not just an “ordinary” Rhinoceros. Apparently, this particular odd toed ungulate is an “enormous” Rhino; she was very keen that I understand this wasn’t just some titchy little African Savannah dweller. Oh, and apparently she rides around on it. When I asked her if she held onto the horn in order to keep her balance, she told me I was being silly. Apparently it has a big cape on its back, and she holds onto that.
So, just to reiterate, if my daughter is telling the 100% unblemished truth:
There’s an enormous Rhinoceros in a cape wandering around in my back yard.
Should I be worried?







5 responses to “Somebody take this dark cloud away…”

  1. Di Avatar

    Is it eating cake?

  2. Alex Avatar

    The thought did cross my mind, but I wasn’t brave enough to ask…

  3. Christian Avatar

    I’d only worry if you started to see it as well.

  4. iddly Avatar

    Does it have a name?

  5. Angus Avatar

    It can’t eat cake and wear cape. That would be overdoing it.

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