Spare a tenner for a poor balding old man?

I’ve been part of the Leukemia Foundation’s “World’s Greatest Shave” for a number of years previous, but to be honest, the thrill wears off (and thus, the sponsorship drops) once people get used to the sight of you bald. It’s a good idea, but one whose time I thought had passed for me.
That was, until I was invited to be part of a team that’ll be having their heads shaved up at the MediaConnect Kickstart Forum on March 3rd. Sure, I might not have a great deal of hair, but collectively, we’re an abominable snowman’s worth of hair. And I figure that’s got to be worth some of your hard-earned cash.
If you’d like to sponsor me, just head to this link and click on the “Sponsor Me” link. If you’re the cautious type, head to and search for team 394951 (MediaConnect). Pics will follow shortly after the event…

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