People called Romans they go the house? This is most irregular…

What goes on tour, stays on tour, as they say. Except when it doesn’t. As in the case with this Segway-laden video.
I’m possibly in the background of a few shots; sadly owing to camera issues, my epic, Mano y Mano (not to mention Brother y Brother) Segway battle was not immortalised for the ages. Not that it was much of an epic struggle. More of a “one participant whizzes around the course at top speed, only to stop at the end of the course as he realises his elder opponent has not only crashed into a table, but also somehow a wall” type of battle. A pity — if I’d displayed some true Roman ruthlessness and whizzed home rather than stopping to check that he wasn’t in fact dead, I would have made the semi-finals..
Thanks are due to our man in the Hague… sorry, I’ll read that again, our man The Hague, AKA VB The Dog, for the video footage.

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