Well, I hope somebody likes the new(ish) look.
(warning: Some boring administrative whinging ahead. You have been warned)
The site transfer went reasonably well — I don’t seem to have lost any posts or comments, and the comment spamming that was killing the old site is now dealt with (fingers crossed).
Along the way, however, all the categories assigned to each post were lost. Many people would have shrugged and gotten on with their lives, but I’m a stubborn sod at the best of times, so I’ve just spent the best part of an hour re-editing each entry to give it a category back. The practical upshot of that is that I’ve just “read” the last year of my life.
It’s been an.. interesting year, to say the least, filled with, for example, exploding appendixes, exploding hot water tanks, bad jokes, gratiutious shots of Anteaters, Delta Goodrem fans out for blood, Live Ants Being Boiled Out Of My Hair (where were the Anteaters then, hmm?) and even a near-death experience to boot. By far the shaping factor of the past year has been the long, slow trudge towards Luc’s birth — it certainly feels like he’s been around for more than his ten weeks, but then the thirty-seven weeks we waited for his arrival went even more slowly. To add to that, in his mere ten weeks he’s travelled hundreds of kilometres, visited granparents, godparents, old friends and shown a remarkable ability to fall asleep in anyone’s arms — except ours, of course.
One minor favour to ask of my more regular readership — can you try to put a comment in underneath this article? Doesn’t have to be anything deep — I just want to make sure the comments thing is actually working this time…

18 thoughts on “Administrivia”

  1. “What do you think you’re doing, Pig?
    Do you really give a fig, Pig?
    And what’s your favourite type of gig, Pig?
    Barry Manilow?
    Or the Black and White Minstrel Show?”

  2. It’s all gone quiet. Perhaps this will restart things:
    “I mean if I went about saying that I was an emperor just because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me…”

  3. The other Christian

    Beep beep, the coins keep coming out … I wish there were no machines and we all lived a pastoral existence.
    Hi Di & Alex. You asked for a comment. So how are you?

  4. There once was a girl from
    who had an enourmous pair of breasts
    One was a jumbly-wobbly
    One was
    And one was a great big round bozo.
    That’s three!

  5. Hmm, I had added words in the above post between brackets, but it looks like that killed the entries. They were:
    Line 1: somewhere
    Line 3: arg! brain fart!
    PS I guess you comment section is working 🙂

  6. How ’bout… “Given that God is infinite, and given that the Universe is infinite… would you like a toasted tea cake?”

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