And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night…

“And he’s watchin’ us all with the EYE OF THE TIGERRRRRR!”
Which begs the question — how did the last known survivor get the eye off the tiger, and how is he utilising its ocular capabilities? More to the point, what’s the now one-eyed Tiger doing during all of this? If I were the last known survivor, I’d be watching out for one seriously peeved tiger, even if it does lack depth perception…Netguide October
The answer to all of these questions categorically cannot be found in the October issue of Netguide magazine, which is out now. Instead, you’ll find a whole bunch of my word-related activity; a comparative review of portable media players — yes, little Timmy, there is life beyond the iPod — along with a complimentary guide to converting your digital media for portable player compatibility. Standalone reviews include (deep breath): FloorPlan Remodel & Home Design 3D 11, GimpShop, MediaShop TunePlus for iPod Players, Mediagate MG350HD, Lexmark X7350, MSI StarCam 370i, eTrust Internet Security Suite 2006, Maxon Ethermax, TrendNET TEW-432BRP Wireless Firewall Router, Prey, Age Of Pirates: Caribbean Tales, AFL Premiership 2006 and Shinobido: Way Of The Ninja.
Sadly, there’s nothing about how to remove sensory organs from Panthera tigris, but that’s still a whole lot of value for only $4.95. Rush out and buy one today!

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