5,310,222 bottles of beer on the wall…

According to Alexa, this blog is currently the 5,310,223rd most popular site on the Internet. So, all I have to do is sit back and wait for the other 5,310,222 sites to collapse or lose readership, and I’ll be the next Google. Who wants a gold-plated swimming pool first?







6 responses to “5,310,222 bottles of beer on the wall…”

  1. Anthony Caruana Avatar

    Sensational – I’m ranked 1,442,281. I wonder what your rank needs to be to make some money.

  2. Alex Avatar

    You realise, of course, that your higher ranking puts you right in my firing line, right? I mean, I can’t have you inbetween me and my gold-plated swimming pool…

  3. Anthony Caruana Avatar

    At least we’re both ranked way above BRAN! I noticed the link to St Lukes. Good to see I’m not the only Christian lizard out there (although I do know of one or two others).
    I go to http://www.holytrinitydoncaster.org.au and am starting a Masters in Divinity tomorrow!

  4. Christian Avatar

    Hey, I’m 15th, but only because all blogspot pages are lumped in together.

  5. Alex Avatar

    I thought you killed off ye blog?

  6. Christian Avatar

    I did, but it came back, lurching and demanding brains. None around here though, so it sits in the corner and sulks.

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