Bloody Nintendo…

Bugger, bugger and blast. And stronger words, possibly pertaining to fornication…
I rather like the Nintendo Wii. Review of it and the games in a forthcoming issue of Netguide, by the way. There’s only one thing I don’t much care for, and that’s the fact that the Virtual Console system doesn’t support TurboGrafx-16 games — they’re on offer in the PAL market including the UK, but not here, which is a huge pity if you’re at all interested in classic games systems. There is a “fix” however…
I’ve been happily downloading TG-16 games on my Australian Wii, by the simple dint of telling it I was in the UK. The points are genuine, there’s no content that would embarrass anyone or break any OFLC guidelines for games, and while it’s fiddly, it worked.
Until today. Seems like the most recent update made it a bit trickier to change countries. And by “a bit trickier”, I mean “it wiped out my remaining 400 VC points” as a CHARGE for changing countries. Without telling me. Went in to check what was new, and discovered them gone. Check my account balance, and next to “change country” is a charge of 400 points. And these things aren’t free; 400 points is about six bucks of mine. And Nintendo PR never seem to answer the bloody phone. Or email.
I’m not a happy Leopard.

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