Mega Flipping Out And Going Radio Gaga

Bigger, better, faster, more; it’s a constant refrain in the technology industry.
Except, of course, if you’re canning a product. This week’s Hydrapinion looks at Cisco’s decision to can the Flip:
Cisco Flips Out: “I’ve got to admit, when I read about Cisco’s decision to cull the Flip line of personal camcorders, I was a little surprised. At first, anyway.”
When you’re launching a product, it’s all go, go go, as evidenced from last week’s launch of a new line of PURE digital radios. That gets a rundown at Geekspeak:
Are you still gaga for radio? “Radio’s one of those technologies that you probably don’t think about that much at all. It’s just there.”
Finally, what better way to describe your product than to declare it ‘Mega’? Well, actually, I can think of several, but that hasn’t stopped Vodafone from using it to describe its latest USB modem, which gets the 30 Seconds Of Tech treatment:

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