Letter P: Playbook and PC User

I had the chance yesterday to spend some hands-on time with a near-finished version (the hardware’s complete; the software may not be) of Blackberry’s Playbook tablet. Naturally, that leads today to a 30 Seconds Of Tech on it:
Meanwhile, in the May issue of Australian PC User, I’ve contributed a feature review on backup software as part of the overall Backup Made Easy cover feature. Sure, you might get free backup software on many external hard drives, but does that mean the paid alternatives aren’t worth considering?
Elsewhere in the issue, I’ve reviewed the Sega Dreamcast Collection, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Sony Music Unlimited, Pro2 IPP200, Billion BiPAC 7700N, HTC Desire Z, D-Link DSM-380 Boxee Box, Blackberry Bold 9780, HTC Trophy and Wintal DAB10W Digital DAB+/FM Radio. As an added enticement, I’ve given one (and only one) of those products the lowest score I’ve ever given anything in PC User. Can you guess which one it is?
Well, you don’t have to guess — just head to your nearest purveyor of magazines and buy a copy now. You know it makes sense.

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