Doods, MacBook Pros and a whole lot of video

It’s been an astonishingly productive week. Possibly because my brain is gearing up for the second half of March, where I’ll be even busier but significantly less productive (if you know why, you know why. If you don’t, you probably don’t need to know).
Over at, another uDraw title got a going over:
uDraw Dood’s Big Adventure: “With 60 levels, Dood’s Adventure certainly is big. It’s a crying shame, though, that it’s not very good.”
At MacTheReviews, I’ve tested the new, shiny, Thunderbolt-Underpants-Wearing 2011 MacBook Pro:
MacBook Pro (early 2011): “For lo, through its magical and revolutionary technology, Apple has summoned the god of thunder and lightning, Zeus himself, within your MacBook Pro.”
And all of this while I was actually out of my office all day, attending product launches and events. Which led to a bit of video work. But instead of just one 30 Seconds Of Tech, you get a hefty three to pick from. What’s more, in startling news, and contrary to all we’ve seen go on before, one of them doesn’t even start with the letter S… although most of them do.

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