iPads, uDraw, Broadband and VoIP

The big news story of last week was clearly all the hype surrounding Apple’s iPad 2 tablet. I’ve discussed its ups and downs at MacTheBlog:
Five reasons to get excited about the iPad (and five reasons not to): “OK, so the owl was a bit off base. Bloody owl.”
and then examined it in the wider context of the emerging Tablet market at Geekspeak:
Apple unveils iPad 2. Should you care? “For the capability you get, last year’s iPad at this year’s fire sale prices might just be the tablet bargain of the year.”
It’s not all iPad, though. Another Tablet… of a sort… if I stretch the definition a little.. goes under my review microscope at CNET.com.au:
uDraw GameTablet: “It’s doubtful that the uDraw will provide an entirely new platform for Wii games, but it’s a nice accompaniment to the Wii that focuses more on creativity than games.”
uDraw Pictionary: “We’ll pause briefly here to note that the game understands that the singular form of “dice” is “die”. Call us pedantic, but we like that kind of thing.”
It’d stretch the truth a little bit too much to describe Toshiba’s nice little laptop as a Tablet, though:
Toshiba NB550D:“Toshiba’s AMD Fusion-powered netbook delivers performance you wouldn’t normally associate with netbooks, but struggles due to low memory allocation.”
I’m also all over the April 2011 edition of Australian PC User magazine. Within its pages you’ll find my exhaustive (and let me tell you, bloody exhausting) analysis of the best broadband and VoIP plans across this wide brown land. You haven’t lived until you’ve read the terms and conditions of more than sixty ISPs. Or perhaps I have no life. No matter!
Within the issue, you’ll also find standalone reviews of the Lexmark Genesis, Viewsonic Viewpad 7, Plantronics M100, Jawbone Jambox and Grundig Replay. Given my contributor copy turned up today, it should be on sale in all good newsagents (and several chaotic neutral ones) today.

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