Surface Pro 3 Week: Day Three: Docks, ports and bugs


Today was going to be a day of battery testing, but instead ended up being a day of desktop replacement, docking stations and a particularly irritating network bug.
Instead I ended up doing a day guest editing at Gizmodo Australia, where I wrote stories on everything from Ice Bucket Challenges to Steve Ballmer leaving Microsoft’s board to Star Wars.
On the plus side: I got a lot of that writing done on the Surface Pro 3 today, and on that score it held up beautifully. It was simple enough to install DisplayPort adaptor (which I mistakenly call DisplayMate in the video; a flub of the brain there) and additional peripherals to make the Surface Pro 3 a lot more functional.
On the minus side: Dropping out the network adaptor on a fixed hardware platform that you control isn’t ideal, Microsoft. It’s quite far from it.

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