You go away for a week and a half, and look what happens…

Whew… I just drove in, having done some 4,000 odd kilometres over the last week and a half. Wish I’d remembered the car…
(b’doom tish)
Trip report later, but in the meantime, the tide of the presses knows no satiety.
First up, has a couple of my reviews up:
Sony Bravia KLV-S40A10 LCD television:: Sony’s mid-tier SKLV-S40A10 LCD TV packs some impressive specs, but there’s only a small price gap between it and Sony’s best LCD model…
Acer Aspire 9504: There are desktop replacements that are designed to replace the traditional desktop PC. Then there are desktop replacements that are designed to replace your entire desk by sheer volume alone…
And 3DAvenue has my review of the truly superlative — but possibly banned, even by the time you read this — The Warriors: While you’re still clearly the centre of any fight you’re in, all around you street toughs are punching, kicking, beating and burning each other in a remarkably lifelike way….
(it should be noted that I didn’t write the rather fugly blurb that 3DAvenue’s using for the story on the front page right now…)






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