What's this strange relationship that we hold on to?

Today’s writing efforts are in a format I don’t do a lot of work in (although if any editors are watching, I’m more than happy to), namely feature-length guides. In this case, a guide to online consumer security for CNET.com.au:
Online Transaction Security: Tips For Staying Safe: “Any time that much money is changing hands on a regular basis, there will be sharks circling trying to snap off a chunk of cash…”

1 thought on “What's this strange relationship that we hold on to?”

  1. Good article Alex, nice overview. I like to reduce the number of passwords I need to remember by using 1Password – love the way it integrates with all my different browsers, even has an iPhone app, and I can use it to store and fill in credit card payment details as well as passwords.
    I’m a bit worried with their decision to move away from OSX keychains and towards their own proprietary keychain tech – I like the way I can count on OSX to backup and secure everything I store in my OSX keychains. Otherwise, I love it to bits.

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