What would happen if I dropped a Berocca into my coffee?

According to my wife, “not enough”. It’s that kind of day, but that hasn’t stopped the wheels of industry from turning — although in this case, with a rather large assist from someone who shall be known only as “MJCP” (what with that being his name), who did all the coding necessary for this blog, even though it’s technically mine to do. In any case, live today at Australian Macworld Online:
Control Freaks: “Kermit The Frog is, without a doubt, one of the wisest creatures ever to walk the face of the Earth. OK, I know, I know — he’s just a green sock with a man’s arm up it, albeit a green sock that’s capable of singing, dancing, riding bicycles and having a semi-serious relationship with a pig…”

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Alex Kidman is a multi-award winning Australian technology writer, former editor at Gizmodo, CNET, GameSpot, ZDNet, PC Mag, APC, Finder and as a contributor to the ABC, SMH, AFR, Courier Mail, GadgetGuy, PC & Tech Authority, Atomic and many more. He's been writing professionally since 1998, and his passions include technology, social issues, education, retro gaming and professional wrestling.

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