Useless USB drives, Terrifying Terabytes, Killer Couch Potatoes And… Lapdances?

It’s all in a day’s work for an in-demand technology journalist, really. You should see what it’s like around here when I get really busy.*
First up, has a review of a nice product that doesn’t seem to have a particular niche in mind.
Hitachi LifeStudio Mobile Plus: “Hitachi’s Mobile LifeStudio has an interesting design, but we can’t work out who would actually find it useful and valuable.”
Then over at PC Authority, alliteration meets the world of ISPs by way of broadband plans with scads of data attached:
Should you be terrified of terabyte plans? “Still, at least a 1TB plan should be easy to decipher. Just take the cost of the plan and divide it by 1TB (remembering that ISPs tend to count 1TB=1000GB, for the mathematically pedantic) and you’ve got a good measuring stick, right? Not so fast!”
Then at Geekspeak, I ponder on whether ABC’s iView app will spell the death of the couch potato, and try to resurrect a ’70s National icon at the same time:
Geekspeak: ABC’s iView app spells the death of the couch potato: “If you’re of a certain age, you’ll recall the mascot of the ‘Life Be In It’ campaign: Norm.”
Before finally finishing up at Hydrapinion with lapdancing. No, not that sort of lapdancing.
Hydrapinion: The Lapdance Problem: “For all that we’d opted for slightly different methods of note taking, we were all struck with the same basic problem.”
*Which is pretty much all the time at the moment. Anyone tells you Freelancers have it easy, send them my way for ‘re-education’. With a brick.

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