Uncovering Apple's darkest secrets…

It’s not all fun and games being an award-winning technology journalist, you know. Sometimes, you’ve got to get down and dirty with arm bending, secret car park meetings with unnamed “sources” and being chased by helicopters piloted by the mysterious forces of evil intent on stopping the truth being revealed, no matter who gets shot in the process.
You know the types.
They clearly had nothing to do with this weeks’ MacTheBlog, which came to me in a moment of blue-tinged inspiration:
Apple’s secret (blue) strategy: “Sitting down and pondering the facts on Apple, and for that matter mushrooms yesterday, I came to a stunning realisation. A realisation that reveals once, for all time, Apple’s exact marketing strategy. The pieces fit together so neatly, so perfectly that I’m stunned nobody’s ever noticed it before.”

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