To get things done, you'd better not mess with Major Tom…

And I’ve been getting things done. Mostly Apple-centric stuff today, at least in terms of what’s been published.
At MacTheBlog, there’s my ruminations on Augmented Reality applications:
MacTheBlog: Reality needs augmentation: “Now, before I start, I should point out that I really hate the term “augmented reality”.”
And then at PC Authority, on a completely different tack, there’s my weekly iPhone Apps column:
Amazing Apps For Your Phone: Score a shopping bargain: “Is the bargain in the shop in front of you really all that cheap? Your phone can let you know. Here’s how.”
PC Authority
While still on the PC Authority beat, I’ve also got a couple of pages in the current issue of the print magazine, covering (what else?) the best Free iPhone/iPod Touch Apps that money… umm… can’t buy in this case. Unless the developers decide to start charging for them, which hopefully they won’t. In any case, it’s on sale now.

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