To B, or not to B?

Let’s see how far I can take this alliteration thing, shall we? A bewildering and beautiful bevy (a barrage, one could say) of brilliantly scribed features await your consideration today.
Broadband to begin, at PC & Tech Authority:
Internode cuts plans down to keep things “Easy” “Sixty different Internode plans bite the dust while add-on packs proliferate. So should you be taking a closer look at Internode’s four types of Easy Broadband plans?”
From Broadband to budgetary considerations at Hydrapinion, as I ponder on my next bag-suitable computing purchase:
Notebook, Netbook, Ultra-light? “Competition in the notebook space has rather blurred the differences between all three types of notebooks, and that leaves me pondering several options.”
Before finally some beguiling buds for your ears (if you’re an iPhone user) at
a-Jays Four: “It’s all but impossible to open a review of iPhone-compatible headphones without commenting on the quality of the headphones you get in the box with every iPhone. They’re rubbish.”

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