The one in which I go insane, and so does a major ISP

I was actually going to take today off as a sick day. Dropped everyone in at their respective places of work and education, and headed home to spend the day in bed getting better. But then the phone rang. Again and again. Couriers started turning up, and it became clear that my plans to recover would have to be put on hold, as would recovery. It’s enough to drive a man mad.
Which is a clunky but effective segue into this week’s Hydrapinion column, which is all about screen protectors:
Hydrapinion: The complete lunatic’s guide to putting on a screen protector: “In the interests of preserving the sanity of future screen protector applicators, I’ve assembled this handy how-to-checklist.”
I can’t explicitly say that iiNet’s gone insane. For a start, the company can afford really fancy lawyers. But I can imagine an iiNet advertising campaign shouting about KERAZY VALUES! in a distinctive Irish lilt after today’s announcement of new broadband plans, which forms the basis of my weekly broadband value column at PC Authority:
iiNet rejigs plan values, announces first 1TB download plan: “The ISP price war we’ve alluded to previously? It’s well and truly on. iiNet today announced the first plan in Australia to offer a combined 1TB of downloads.”

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