The one in which I give away a Puppy…

The Weekend Edition of the Australian Macworld Weekend Edition Podcast has just gone live. Thankfully, because it’s a long weekend, what with Easter and all, it still “counts” as a Weekend Podcast. Plus, there’s an exceptionally good reason why it’s been delayed; the ever-hairy, brain-the-size-of-a-planet (but not depressed) Matthew Powell was busy becoming a Daddy right in the middle of the editing schedule. Congratulations are of course due to Matthew, Robyn, Gwen (although her role was presumably minimal) and new bub Lily 🙂
Anyway, as per the subject line, in this week’s podcast, I do offer to give away a Puppy. You’ll have to listen to the whole thing, though to work out where. I should point out that for technical reasons that elude me, my microphone clips a LOT during this podcast. Anyway, you can subscribe to the Podcast through iTunes, or listen to it (or download it) from here.

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